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Sandstorm Riddles 2022: A Fortnite Riddles Published During Ramadan

Sandstorm Riddles comes back again to Fortnite through The Esports & Gaming Agency but this time bigger and with a twist!

With our creative team and their knowledge in the game, we have conceptualized, design the assets, & produced 8 Fortnite themed riddles along with the influencer management to be published twice every week in the month of Ramadan of 2022 on the Fortnite Middle East socials for the community to guess the answer in order to win in-game items.

The riddles were presented by 8 MENA creators and published through Fortnite Middle East socials with the answers all being in a Ramadan parkour themed map created in Fortnite with 8 levels to be played for each riddle.

Players every week joined Fortnite to play one level in order to find the answer of the riddle and share it on their social media with the answer they have found at the end of the level.


  • 79K+ Peak participants a day.

  • 250K+ Total participants.

  • 350K+ Impressions.

  • 46K+ Engagements.

  • 42K+ Video views.

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