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EGA hosts NVIDIA Studio Nights in Partnership with twofour54

NVIDIA Studio Nights, a rewarding night at Community Hub and in partnership with Twofour54 Abu Dhabi for talented creators and artists showcasing their skills and creativity in digital art, 3D, photography & videography on NVIDIA Studio platform.

Hosted, managed and executed by EGA, the contest & event featured several categories, including 3D art, photography, videography, and Nvidia Canvas.

In the Nvidia Canvas category, Participants were challenged to use Nvidia's new AI-powered painting tool to create an original artwork. The entries in this category showcased the tool's impressive capabilities, with artists creating everything from realistic portraits to surreal abstract compositions.

As for the 3D art category, participants were challenged to create a 3D model of their own design. The entries in this category showcased a wide range of styles and themes.

The photography category ranged from beautiful landscape shots to portraits and experimental abstract compositions while videography category entries were diverse, ranging from heartfelt documentaries to abstract art films and thrilling action sequences.

Overall, the digital arts contest was a huge success in shedding the light on the talented artists of UAE by showcasing their skills and creativity. The winners in each category were awarded an RTX Laptop and a trophy from NVIDIA.

The competition served as a celebration of the incredible diversity and innovation within the digital arts community.

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