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The Esports and Gaming Agency Bolsters Partnership with Epic Games

EGA has once again proven its commitment to innovation and community growth in the gaming industry.

This is underscored by our recent contract extension with Epic Games, a partnership that continues to set new standards for gaming and esports experiences.

The extended agreement encompasses comprehensive responsibilities for EGA, notably in managing local social media and community strategies. EGA has demonstrated its proficiency in fostering rich, dynamic online communities, and this extension will allow them to further refine their approach. The agency’s team will use their expertise to augment Epic Games' visibility, connect more intimately with gamers, and create engaging content that resonates with the community.

Additionally, the contract incorporates a collaboration in marketing operations, specifically around the launch of new Epic Games experiences. EGA will apply their strategic thinking and extensive knowledge of the gaming market to ensure successful product rollouts.

The partnership will also include regional influencer management campaigns, leveraging the power of key influencers to extend the reach of Epic Games' products. In this era of digital connectivity, such a holistic approach is imperative for maintaining a competitive edge in the gaming industry.

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