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Regional Esports Launch Involved More Than 30 Influencers, and a Surprise Celebrity Footballer

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Viewed on over 60 livestream locations, the campaign has accumulated over 7 Million views so far, and over 9.5 Million minutes watched by viewers

The Esports & Gaming Agency successfully organized the regional launch event for the newest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, with a special appearance from Al-Hilal’s Salem Al-Dawsari as he surprised the influencers when joining the game lobby.

In what was the years biggest game launch in the region, this year’s competition hosted more than 30 of the most recognized influencers in the Middle East, alongside a special guest appearance in Round 2 from Al-Hilal’s winger and Saudi Arabia’s national team player, Salem Al-Dawsari.

Salem Al Dawsari surprised influencers when joining the game lobby

Some of the influencers’ names included BanderitaX, Rakano, Haman, FFearFful, and many more!

In Round 1, the participants were split into 4 groups, each with their designated matchday between the 15th of November and 18th of November. Round 2 witnessed the surprise introduction of Salem Al-Dawsari into the mix, adding an additional flavor to the tournament and creating unforgettable content fit for the biggest game’s launch in the region.

During these livestreams, the influencers managed to accumulate more than 7 Million views at the time of writing this article, and more than 9.5 Million minutes watched.

Be sure to follow the official Esports and Gaming Agency Middle East accounts on Twitter to stay up to date with the group timings, stream timings, and eventually, the winners.

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