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A partnership between EGA and BLAST Premier for the Abu Dhabi World Finals

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Jointly developed & executed an effective 360 marketing, influencer and awareness campaigns. The BLAST World Finals in Abu Dhabi was the most widely attended esports event in the United Arab Emirates.

EGA and BLAST Premier's partnership included and covered 5 different initiatives with 6.1M+ total reach. The initiatives included community campaigns, influencers teaser and marketing campaigns, Gaming cafes take-over, BLAST’s traveling booth, and of course BLAST's World Finals Gaming Fan Zone.

1 The Community Campaign:

Teasing the community through EGA socials and FACEIT Middle East Stars League, watch parties on Twitch by streamers on the BLAST Premier announcement, and spreading the awareness of BLAST coming to Abu Dhabi through the MENA gaming communities, Discord & Reddit.

2 Influencers Teaser & Marketing Campaign:

BLAST Premier was teased and promoted by 25+ gaming & lifestyle influencers from November 4th 2022 until the World Finals on December 17th-18tth 2022. This initiative had three phases:

  • The Teaser Campaign: “Triangle Has Arrived”

The teaser campaign went viral across social media with 25+ influencers teasing their communities by changing their display pictures and banners, tweeting & posting their names in BLAST branding with one sentence only:

The Triangle has arrived. 🔺

This initiative built a tremendous trigger to their communities and had everyone questioning and eager to know what was happening to an extent a meme was generated and went viral on Twitter.

  • The Announcement:

24 hours after the announcement of the Triangle Teaser, the influencers introduced BLAST Premier to their communities and announced their attendance for the World Finals in Abu Dhabi.

  • The Aftermath:

After the announcement, influencers started on a weekly basis doing more social media posts and Twitch watch parties hyping up the World Finals.

  • The Event Coverage:

After the event hype through social media and Twitch, influencers traveled and covered the World Finals on their socials.

3 Gaming Cafes Campaign:

Activating the hubs closest to the CS:GO community and leveraging EGA’s partnerships with gaming cafes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai by applying BLAST’s call-to-action wallpapers and banners in the gaming cafes.

4 The Traveling Booth:

Promoting ticket sales at Abu Dhabi hotspots with an eye-catching activation by designing and fabricating a custom BLAST traveling booth being activated in hotspots such as Yas Mall and the F1 Grand Prix Gaming Zone.

5 The Gaming Fan Zone:

EGA brought to life a whole section of the Fan Zone in the World Finals by leveraging with our partners such as Predator and handling the Gaming Fan Zone and its activations by providing and engaging an attraction point for fans between the World Finals matches.

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