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EGA Launches Fortnite Hamaki Concert Teaser Campaign

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


Having to market the first ever Arabic concert in Fortnite was a substantial challenge. Our scope was to build a teaser campaign hyping up Mohammed Hamaki being presented to the Fortnite community for a first of a kind activity promoting his new hit single in an:

  1. In-game Concert

  2. In-game Emote

The campaign had three phases:

Phase One, The Hype-Up:

The campaign started with 12+ influencers and esports players normally posting pictures at the same time with Hamaki positioned vaguely in the background of each image.

This sparked the curiosity of the influencers' community and left them wondering "what is going on!" .. and that is exactly what we were expecting to happen as seen below:

Phase Two, The Ticket:

The influencers, plus 12 other more posted a video teaser of a digital ticket leaving the community to figure it on their own. This also made the local media outlets and social news outlets have their own theories of what's going on!

Phase Three, The Display Image:

Few hours before Fortnite officially announces the concert, all our participated influencers and esports players changed their display pictures on both Instagram and Twitter to Mohammed Hamaki's picture. Which in this phase, made all the speculations and all the theories that everyone was talking about true. Hamaki is performing in Fortnite!


The campaign resulted with:

  • 2.5M+ total impressions: as planned!

  • 165.250 organic community impressions: We got them moving!

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