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Cyber Sports League and Red Bull Bring Latest Iteration of Red Bull Solo-Q Challenge to Kuwait

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Red Bull Solo-Q organized by Cyber Sports League gives Kuwaiti League of Legends players a chance to attend the All-Star 2020 experience

Red Bull, in partnership with Cyber Sports League, bring the rebranded Red Bull Solo-Q challenge to Kuwait this June. Players will compete for a spot to attend the All-Star 2020 event, challenge the best players in the world from all regions, and prove themselves on the biggest stage. All ticket and accommodation expenses will be covered by Red Bull for the winner.

Last year’s Red Bull Player One saw 25,000 registrants from 29 countries battling it out on the top lane of Summoner’s Rift in intense 1-versus-1 matchups. This time, it is up to the League of Legends Kuwaiti community to showcase their talents on the biggest dueling stage of them all, be part of one of the most anticipated esports happenings and play alongside the most famous League of Legends professionals. A step for Middle East esports to shine on an international stage!

More than 130 registrations were made from Kuwait alone. Participants:

  • Are residents or citizens of Kuwait.

  • Have a Riot account on EUW (EU WEST).

  • Are at least 16 years old.

  • Hold valid travel documents.

The Registration period was open from June 7th, while the tournament kicked off on June 9th and runs to June 13th. After successfully going through the qualifier stages, the playoffs will be livestreamed and casted by the influencer, Delia Lpi.

Players interested in tuning in and watching the esports action, tune in to watch the finals on:

Be sure to follow the official CSL accounts on Twitter and Facebook, the official Esports and Gaming Agency accounts on Twitter and Instagram, the Red Bull accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and the influencer Delia Lpi’s YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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