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Battle of the Streamers? For Halloween it's the Battle of the Screamers!

In the past, we have done two Battle of the Streamers with Fortnite. However, in October 2021 and along with Fortnite’s Halloween event Fortnitemares came our Battle of the Screamers. This event was planned to promote Fortnite’s Halloween limited time mode Horde Rush and the promotion came through inviting more than 24 influencers and esports players with a $12000 prize pool.

All of the streams were at the top list of Fortnite category in Twitch, and this was exactly what we wanted. This event taking over Fortnite in Twitch promoting the Hord Rush limited time mod in the game.

The feedback from the community was positive as some of the viewers are used to a different kind of content for their content creators & esports players. For this challenge, It was a good change and presented a different environment for the viewers… or shall we say a spooky environment?

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