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EGA Q2: An eventful quarter with many Activations & Tournaments with MENA biggest Content Creators

We close another exciting quarter, helping our clients achieve KPIs in millions of views, impressions and engagements - obtained with the reach to the Middle East’s gaming audience on multiple platforms.

The majority of the action came through innovative launches to the Call of Duty titles, both on PC and on Mobile. In addition, activities included other titles such Overwatch and Assetto Corsa (Racing simulator).

All of this is made possible through the co-creation with our incredible partners for the quarter. These included Activision, Nvidia, WIzzo (MBC Group), Acer and Jumbo Electronics.

Call of Duty: Wizzo (MBC Group) Activation

Wizzo, the biggest social media platform for gamers in the Middle East, partnered with EGA on an event that had players and creators working together to create a buzz.

The first 2 weeks of Ramadan saw over 75,000 Saudi Riyals in giveaways, with a Dodge charger awarded towards the end of the holy month to top it all off. These were implemented through social media campaigns and custom live streams, all planned and executed by The Esports & Gaming Agency Middle East.

The wrap up of the campaign was through Bin Baz and Saad, two of the biggest Instagram content creators in the UAE and the region. The Wizzo platform hosted an exciting and fun matchup between both personalities to determine the ultimate CODM player.

A social media campaign was implemented, inviting the wider audience to post their favorite gaming moments on the Wizzo platform for a chance to participate in the prize draws!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 Launch

The Esports & Gaming Agency Middle East in collaboration with Activision organized a campaign to mark the launch of Season 3 for the landmark Call of Duty franchise. Up to this point, EGA has handled the game’s major release campaign, and every season launch since then.

Can you imagine a Twitter feud between YouTubers, that turns into an actual challenge there and then?

Season 3 featured some major Middle East influcners, including FFearFFul, Drb7h, Basharkk, zCleVer2, and LeoNoHero.

The five participating content creators kicked off the campaign through a Twitter feud, challenging each other to Call of Duty supremacy. Call of Duty Arabia’s Twitter account jumped in at the end of the exchange to make it official and kick off the event – asking the players to put their actions where their words are!

Every 2 players were put together, with FFearFFul playing in week 1 and Drb7h taking his place in week 2. Each kill and win added points to each team’s score respectively to crown a winning team at the end of the second week.

Week 1 highlighted all the map changes and additional features and content introduced to Warzone. On the other hand, week 2 took players into the multiplayer mode to try out Sticks & Stones alongside the content creator’s favorite multiplayer modes.

Combined video content published managed to accumulate X views. Add on top of that a total of X impressions from the videos, social media posts, and stories published to promote the campaign’s content. With over X hours of watch time, the Call of Duty community was well prepared and pumped up to jump into the new season to dominate opponents.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 and Famous Bundle Launch

The mobile version of Call of Duty got The Esports & Gaming Agency treatment as well. In partnership with Activision, EGA was able to celebrate the sighting of the crescent moon this month with the release of the “Fanous” bundle.

The bundle included new operator skins (Al Layl), charms (Nour Al Fanous), wingsuit and backpack. Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile, “Tokyo Escape”, was introduced to the community through a curated and engaging set of CODM content creators.

8 YouTubers took part in the campaign that reached more than 1.5 Million views.

Frames Win Games Overwatch Powered by Jumbo

Add on top of all that, a $4,000 prize pool Overwatch tournament sponsored by Nvidia and Jumbo. 16 of the best teams in the region played against each other between the 20th and 22nd of May to decide who will be the ultimate winner.

The playoffs and grand final games were casted by none other than Overwatch advocate, DELI GAMING, on his own channel. Over 23K viewers has watched the tournament VODs on his channel so far. In the end of it all, 01 Esports took home the trophy and the $4,000 prize pool.

Predator Gulf and Red Sea SIM Racing Cup

In collaboration with Predator Middle East, we aided their regional EMEA competition on Assetto Corza for both the Red Sea and Gulf cup versions of the tournament. Through utilizing Saifaany Gamer’s direct access to the SIM racing community, we managed to leverage and promote the tournament during its registration period.

Winners from each of the national cups proceeded to the international final, where they have to try and beat a member of the R8G SIM Racing Team. The international winner will have the chance to win a Predator racing rig (worth USD 9,500) on top of becoming an honorary member of R8G SIM racing team for 1 year.

Saifaany casted both national cup final races with incredible energy and engagement with his viewers. The streams gathered more than 930 watch hours, over 6.7K combined views, accompanied by 180K impressions on the content created around the tournament.

Be sure to follow the official Esports and Gaming Agency Middle East accounts on Twitter for highlights of the tournaments, the community’s engagement, and all Twitter feud.

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