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EGA Partnered with Kooora & Zain esports to crown Iraq’s FIFA champion

EGA, The Esports & Gaming Agency, managed to crown Iraq's FIFA Champion in partnership with Kooora and Zain esports featuring celebrity football player Dhurgham Ismail.

For a month and with more than 150 participants in the tournament, Kooora's unlimited Cup in partnership with Zain esports featured and casted by the celebrity football player Dhurgham Ismail who plays as a left back or left winger for the Iraqi Premier League club Al-Talaba and for the Iraqi national team.

By dedicating the in-house marketing and operations teams efforts, effective tools, and influencer marketing strategies, the tournament was live-streamed on Kooora’s Facebook Page leading it to achieve more than 1.6 Million in total views marking this milestone as an immaculate achievement for the region's esports and gaming industry.

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