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Cyber Sports League and The Esports & Gaming Agency (EGA) Host their First Racing Esports in MENA

Cyber Sports League and The Esports & Gaming Agency (EGA) Middle East brought the global G Challenge 20 by Logitech to racing enthusiasts in MENA. A six-day competition across PS4, Xbox One, and PC to determine the best Project CARS 2 player in the GCC and send him to the Regional Finals in Europe.

The tournament presented a prize pool worthy of the best Project CARS 2 players in the region, including Logitech’s G923s Driving Force Shifter and tons of other products. Players had to compete in two stages to accumulate enough points to top the cross-platform leaderboard.

Between the 30th of September and 2nd of October, each platform’s participants recorded the fastest lap they could do and gained points on how they faired against the competition. Following that, players were put up against those on their platform in a race to determine who is truly the kind of the tracks. Points were accumulated based on placements in both stages and recorded on the cross-platform leaderboard to crown a true winner for the #GChallengeGCC tournament.

Cyber Sports League and The Esports & Gaming Agency (EGA) Middle East included live stream production, virtual studio setup, talent management, microsite setup, as well as tournament management.

Be sure to follow the official Esports and Gaming Agency Middle East accounts on Twitter for highlights of the tournament, the community’s feedback, and who were the winners of the #GChallengeGCC.

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